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Back & Neck Pain: Services


Pain in the body can sometimes feel like dominos, it starts in one place then spreads to other areas. 

At Hillbrooke Osteopathic Clinic, I am here to help you reduce your back, neck or pelvic pain as much as we possibly can. Together we can explore different treatment methods such as, K-Taping, deep tissue massage and much more, to see what works best for your body and area of injury. 
Together we can tailor a back and neck pain treatment plan that works best for your specific injuries.

A senior woman with backache


Why does back and neck pain happen?

Trauma, injury, fractures, heavy lifting, overusing, or straining your back can lead to  long lasting back related issues either muscular, joint based or perhaps even a combination of both. If you injure your back, it’s likely you could then later experience pain within the upper back or neck area as well, as these areas are closely linked by the spinal cord and muscle structures. My back and neck pain treatment help solve these problems.


What can cause pelvic pain?

Pelvic or hip pain could occur from many things. Many women, after having children, experience discomfort in their hips either during pregnancy or post-birth. Strenuous activity or sports that involve more pressure on the hip flexors such as running, football or rugby, can also cause pelvic or hip related injuries.

Other ways pelvic pain can crop up are pulling a muscle or ligament in the hip or pelvic floor, UTIs and IBS can also cause tenderness in the pelvic area.

woman in sports bra, stretching
damaged knee


What is K-Taping and how does it work?

Kinesio tape, commonly referred to as K-Taping, got its name because it’s used to improve and aid muscle movement. Kinesio tape is a thin, flexible tape that’s meant to help relieve pain, reduce any swelling and/or inflammation, and give support to joints and muscles. K-taping was originally developed as a way to enhance athletic performance.

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