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Shockwave Therapy: Services
Testing Low Dorsal


At Hillbrooke Osteopathic Clinic I offer shockwave therapy at transparent and competitive rate in Wollaston.

Shockwave therapy is a new cutting-edge treatment that uses acoustic waves to carry high levels of energy to painful spots and musculoskeletal tissues in the body suffering from injury and other existing conditions.​

The acoustic sound waves produced by the V-ACTOR applicator that is used in shockwave therapy, cause tiny vibrations within the tissue, which can then help to break up the inflammatory cells and encourage healing to take place. In some cases shockwave therapy has been seen to promote new collagen production, which can lead to stronger tissues and quicker recovery. Collagen is the key protein which causes the healing process to take place with connective tissues.


What injuries could benefit from shockwave therapy?

Shockwave therapy is often used for conditions such as: plantar fasciitis, Achilles, hamstring, patellar, gluteal and tennis elbow tendinopathy.


Shockwave therapy can also be beneficial for patients experiencing soft tissue pain (muscle, tendon, and ligament pain). Joint and bone conditions can also benefit from shockwave therapy. This type of therapy can aid those with sport induced injuries or overuse injuries and can act as another form of support for those going through physiotherapy for a range of issues.


Shockwave therapy may not be appropriate for patients who are pregnant, trying to conceive, take blood thinning medications or have blood coagulation disorders. If you have any open wounds or acute irritation/inflammation within the area you need treating, it’s best advised to allow this to clear up before starting or proceeding with shockwave therapy.


If you'd like to find out if shockwave therapy could help you, get in touch with me and we can discuss further to see if that would be a potential treatment plan for your particular issue. 


What are sports injuries and how can you treat them with shockwave therapy?


Osteopathy and sports massage can help the body’s tissues to repair if they have been damaged during sporting activities. Whilst it is commonly referred to as ‘sports injuries’, these sorts of injuries don't just affect athletes; they can happen to anyone who participates in any kind of physical activity.


Some common injuries I see caused from sporting activities are:


  • Sprains & strains


  • Knee or ankle injuries


  • Swollen muscles


  • Achilles tendon injuries


  • Pain along the shin bones


  • Fractures of many variations


  • Dislocations of many variations

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